Ceramic Pro Coating

Driving in a city like Mumbai makes it almost impossible to save your precious car from scrapes and bruises on the paint surface of the car. This takes a beating on the look of the car. DRM Motors promises to provide protection to the paint surface of your car by using top of the line protective coating for your paint called Ceramic Pro.

A Ceramic Pro is a multi-layered clear liquid that when applied to the paint surface of the car, gives a sturdy protection to the paint of the car. The technology involves the liquid converting into a hard-glossy shield when applied to the paint surface.

Depending on the choice of package you want, DRM Motors can cater to your desire to protect the looks of the car by applying top of the line permanent coating to your valuable car. Now you can drive the car carefree in a traffic congested city like Mumbai without worrying about the paint being damaged. The coat is so glossy that apart from protecting the paint from damage, it ensures that the water rolls off from the body of the car, hereby ensuring that there is no rust attack on the car.