Now owning a sunroof in your very own car is no more a mere dream. It has now been converted into reality – and that too without you having to spend a bomb on buying that high end version for your car just to have the sunroof. What’s more, we make it possible for you to have custom sunroof installation for your car that may not have any model / variant with built-in sunroof in the market?

All this is possible because DRM Motors has tied up with the popular brand Webasto who specialize in aftermarket sunroof for cars. Having top quality panaromic sunroof cars or sunroof cars in India below 10 lakhs, is a distinct possibility with DRM Motors! You can choose to have your preferred type of retrofit sunroof, depending on your choice, budget, and car type.

Be it using a simple manual pop-up roof or the all exclusive panoramic sunroof, DRM offers to customize your car roof as per your needs. Our professionals do ensure that care of the highest order is taken when the sunroofs are being installed.

Webasto series of sunroofs offer varied of choices from which you can choose from. We ensure that we have all the provisions to cater to your specific needs when you want to install a sunroof on any car.

We are proud to tie up with Webasto simply because we solely concentrate on providing quality services and products to our valuable customers. When you install a sunroof through our services, we make sure of the three most important factors to guarantee you satisfaction:

Ensuring top notch quality:Webasto is an extremely popular brand across Europe in the field of aftermarket sunroof. We want you too to avail the same experience in India. Hence, we constantly strive to make our installation process more efficient while maintaining economy to make sure you get the best results at a competitive price range.

Precise Workmanship: Our service centre has qualified workmanship with a huge amount of experience on working on all types of car. We have fabricators who are best in the market of installing sunroofs and have successfully installed many sunroofs hereby creating a sizeable customer base.

Confirming durability and looks: DRM Motors professionals do make sure that the sunroof does not only look good but also serves it purpose. The installation is precise and ensures that you use your sunroof without worrying about any kind of a mishap or glitch in the operation of the sunroof.